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JULY: Community Wrap

July Community Wrap.jpg


Hello to those that wanted a reminder that we have a new community wrap up! 

@PeppiPatty @Tiggeroo @Bella1978 @Adge @Sherry @Darcy


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Celebrating @dideoh this month! Thank you for always offering support even when you are unsure of how to help, but just by encouraging members such as here is very effective and kind. Big cheer to you!
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As we continue to move forward with our responsive project we have now got some exciting enhancements that will be rolled out, these will be minor but none the less very useful. To find out more details head to this thread
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One last thing...Try hard to not allow your thoughts to take you to a place of guilt or worry about your family during this special time..reel those thoughts that the fishing expression? throw the line back out and enjoy ...@Sophia1 here
If you are enjoying reading our monthly wraps - hit the like button and we will notify you when the next one is up!

Re: JULY: Community Wrap

Thank you so much for reminding note to myself......

I'm doing my little University degree and caring for my husband and since joining Sane Forums: My husband's & my wellbeing has changed for the better but I still need these little prompts!


The 'making darker and bigger is an awesome thing to do....

Re: JULY: Community Wrap

thank you @Lauz Smiley Very HappyHeart

Re: JULY: Community Wrap

Congrats @Sophia1 @dideoh 🌼

Re: JULY: Community Wrap

Oh good grief.. @outlander

I read your response outlander where you congratulated me...

I immediately thought that you were confused...perhaps all part of your pain and struggle at the moment...

I read back to congratulate Dideoh...

then actually read to the bottom of the post....

there I was...I seriously did not see this...I only saw the one about @outlander and @Sans911

I am so embarrassed I thought I had totally lost the plot...I could only find one July community wrap..

then a switch went off in my brain...carer's forum! found me...

so thank you for everyone responsible for voting for me.. @Lauz ...making it sound as though I have won a logie laugh...

shows how much it means to me... I allowed to feel warm and fuzzy?...

could not have come at a better time...


without  further ado ...congratulations @dideoh  ...I hope that you feel warm and fuzzy too...having been recognised as being supportive and caring which is why we are all here...

Re: JULY: Community Wrap

Lol @Sophia1 i thought there was only one too until i come onto this side and seen this thread.
You are of course allowed to feel all warm and fuzzy. I love that quote too 👏❤

Re: JULY: Community Wrap

LOL @Sophia1 Smiley Very HappyHeart

Re: JULY: Community Wrap

You had us hook, line and sinker with the quote @Sophia1 😀😀😀


Think of you often.





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