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Re: Tell us: when you first came to SANE Forums...

I joined about 5 years ago now.
The sign up process was easy, however I didn’t know about the avatar thing and used my real name.
Landed on forums homepage.
Bit hesitant in making my first post, but one or two people responded quite quickly. The real problem is breaking into the social spheres.

Re: Tell us: when you first came to SANE Forums...

I found Sane Australia website during a search during 2014.I clicked on the first link.Went straight to the main page.I found the forums at the top of the page.It was so easy to get there.I read some of the posts then decided I would like to join.That process is very simple.As I had problems of my own I began looking around to see where I should post.Very easy layout made it easy to do that.What a relief.Sometimes when we arent feeling real great its nice to know there are simple things in life to help us.Sane Australia delivers.The simplicity of the website offers so much.My blessings to those who know how to make it happen.

In the time I've been here I have post a variety of topics,some in my time of need and other times to help others.I found so many wonderful people who who can relate to my problems and I can relate to theirs.

I'm glad we all have the opportunity to help Sane Australia improve the forums.I cant think of anything to suggest just yet.I have to think that over.

Thank you to Sane Australia staff for providing us with a place to come to in our time of need.My blessings to my heros out there who are doing it tough.You people are brave.

Regards Denv12.


Re: Tell us: when you first came to SANE Forums...

I joined Sane Forums in October 2018.  Depending on how my computer is running depends on my availability to be online.  Still on windows XP (yes I know I need an update but also need money for that.....which will happen when I win Tatts lol.

I found out about the website from a TV advert.  After seeing the ad a few times I decided to check it out.  I found it to be very easy to use and had people replying to my introduction basically straight away.  Everyone I have interacted with have been very caring and supportive.

 None of my family or friends understand what it is like for me dealing with all my 'problems'.  But here I feel I can say whatever is going on and no one judges me.  I just get support and understanding.  And most importantly I don't feel like I am the only one going through all this.  Now I know that I am not alone when things 'go south'.  It is extremely comforting to know that there are other people out there dealing with the stuggles of life.

Support and understanding is a huge thing and here you get both those.

Blessings to everyone out there.  Take care and keep smiling.


Re: Tell us: when you first came to SANE Forums...

Thank you so much everyone who has posteed so far, for sharing your insight and feedback - this is so so meaningingful! We are going through and reviewing so we can look at where we can improve things based on your feedback! 😊

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