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Senior Contributor

Pap Smear- self administered sample?

Hi- I was at the doctors recently after putting off my Pap smear for way longer than I Should have & being very nervous & worried about having the swab test done- due to past abuse & trauma-

i was trying to explain to the doctor how it felt like a violation- to get it done & makes me feel literally sick just thinking about it. 

She told me that it was nothing like being abused- which of course logically I know- I'm not stu- pid-I feel so vulnerable in that position & it brings back blocked out memories-

& I said I didn't know if I could go through with it- but as I was having some strange symptoms- that I have not had previously- needed to get it done-

-she then told me about a self administered sample- which I had not ever heard about & She started looking on her computer for how it is done & she called someone on the phone for more information- so it's a new thing-

- I ended up going ahead & letting her do it as I know it is very quick-

but just wanted to put it out there for any ladies who have been through sexual abuse or trauma- if you are putting off your Pap smear because of it like I was- there is now this option available- I don't know how it all works because I didn't get that far- but thought I'd mention in case it helps someone- as I know how important they are & how horrible they are to go through 💖


Re: Pap Smear- self administered sample?

thanks for the info @Serenity1
i was abused but thankfully i can manage a papsmear but only with the nurse that i trust.

Re: Pap Smear- self administered sample?

Great info @Serenity1  i think I read this before from another member on here. 

I’m ok with Pap smears even though I was sexually abused as a child. 

But i can understand your fear and anxiety. Good on you for getting it done. 😊

Re: Pap Smear- self administered sample?

Thanks for the info @Serenity1 .

Like you, I put off a pap smear for a long time. When I did get talked into having one by my GP, it was a disaster, and a sample was unable to be obtained. And I was highly traumatised by the process.


When I saw my GP again a few weeks later, they explained that I qualify for a self-collect cervical screening test. So I did that. Easy to do yourself, though you need to obtain the swab within the Drs rooms (bathroom, in my case) and give the sample to the practice nurse for sending off to a specialised testing lab. Such a relief not having to go through the trauma of another standard pap smear.


I think it is fairly new, the ability to self collect, and its not widely known about. But it is a very accurate test for hpv, which is the most common cause of cervical cancer. If the results show a problem, the next step needed is still a full pap smear. But if result is normal, you can be reassured all is okay. At least until the next time.



Re: Pap Smear- self administered sample?

@outlander no worries & sorry to hear that- i can completely understand

Re: Pap Smear- self administered sample?

@BlueBay oh really, that's good- Iv never heard of it before,
I'm very sorry to hear that 😢
Yeah tthey are not much fun even for ladies who haven't been abused.

Re: Pap Smear- self administered sample?

@Sherry oh you poor thing- I can imagine - it feels so violating & you feel so exposed .Not to mention it feels Weird af- the actual Pap smear 😁 Ewww!
That's great you were able to get a sample yourself-( I couldn't remember what it was called)-
It's an awesome idea!

Re: Pap Smear- self administered sample?

This sounds like something I would consider. My dr didn't listen to me either and the situation became triggering making pap smears something I haven't had done since I was 20 because the idea of it is traumatic. I'm now 26 and I have family who tell me your suppose to get one done every 2 years but I just keep putting it off

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