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Re: A long rave

@greenoea I need the energy to figure out how to get out of this sim....


Re: A long rave

@greenpea I'm doing the right things so why won't it end.

Re: A long rave

I gotta get out

Re: A long rave

I gotta walk out of yere.

Re: A long rave

@greenpea where are my cheats

Re: A long rave

@The-red-centaur  I know it is a long slow process to recovery but you are getting there. Just take deep breaths and take every day as it comes do your best with your walking and your mi and you will be out of there soon. We are all here for you The-red-centaur xxxx

Re: A long rave

Hi  @The-red-centaur it sounds like it's been a pretty tough night and great that you've been able to ask for help from the nurses and post here and let your community know how you're going - good on you!  Hope you get to take it easy today - you deserve it!! 

Smiley Happy

Re: A long rave

@The-red-centaur sounds like your having a rough time. and that's ok, we all have days like that. just hang in there. take it slow, deep breaths. we're with you. you've made a huge step just by saying your not ok. you can do this xoxo

Re: A long rave

Hi @eth Thanks for your thoughts.

I hope you are doing well.

It really does sound like you have achieved a lot recently.

The heat (45C yesterday) is knocking me for six.

I never cope well with the Summer temperatures here (WA).

This time of year is tough, for various reasons - spending Christmas alone, feeling left out of celebrations around me, etc (neighbours, etc).

There are some challenges (financial being one), but will get there.


Re: A long rave

@The-red-centaur Hearing you had a difficult time. 


Sounds horrible, but you are trying to make the best of it.

Glad the others were here for you.  


@eth Life's ups and downs ... rain /shine ... feast /famine ... hope things are alright.


@Adge Love youre funnies.


Take Care All

Smiley Happy

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