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Re: A new start (kind of)

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Re: A new start (kind of)

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Re: A new start (kind of)



Re: A new start (kind of)

Was hams serious re you and puns @Darcy lol 😸 how could you not know @Hamsolo01 lol

Re: A new start (kind of)

Haha lol

Re: A new start (kind of)

very good @Darcy haha

Re: A new start (kind of)

@outlander @oceangirl @Shaz51 @Zoe7 @TAB @greenpea @BlueBay @Meowmy @Everan @Teej @Appleblossom @eudemonism @frog @eth @Gazza75 @Everan @EOR @Angels333 @Doglover @Sophia1 @saturnzoon @Faith-and-Hope @CheerBear @Aeiou @Molliex @Smc
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Psych done.

Overall it was a good appointment I think.

We just spoke about stuff and where I was up to atm.

It does seem that a lot of my trouble came from last week when I was tired and fed up.

I narrowed down three areas for talking points. Life atm, dating and relationships and also health.

Life atm was largely around my job and how I find it can be very demoralising. But then I spoke about how it is just a foot in the door and its a way of ensuring I can leap onto something else. Seeing as I don't need to go back to the same place as before I now don't have a cause behind why I feel depressed and angry and sad about myself.

Dating and relationships was hard. But it's really just trial and error. Stats as well maybe.

Health was largely around eating and exercise. But I am slowly working on those area.

OVerall though it was okay.

It is what it is

Re: A new start (kind of)

@Hamsolo01  Hey Hamsolo01 glad your appointmenet went well for you. I agree just let things unfold naturely and everything will fall into place. It will all work out the right way at the end of the day Smiley Happyxx

Re: A new start (kind of)

Just a thought @Hamsolo01 but would it be possible to see someone else at same place? Just wondering

Re: A new start (kind of)

glad your appointmenet went well for you. my @Hamsolo01 Heart

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