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Re: Depression Dementia Dad

I hope the cortisone injection helps with your bursitis @Former-Member

It helped with mine years ago.

A new leather recliner for Dad, exciting.


Re: Depression Dementia Dad


Glad you made it to your appt. I too hope you get some relief. 

Dad's new chair sounds lovely. 


Re: Depression Dementia Dad

new leather recliner for Dad, exciting. @Former-Member

2 buttons on the chair up and down Smiley Very Happy up down up down xxx

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Hello @Former-Member

Good news that you finally had your cortisone injection.... at risk of repeating what everyone else is saying...

You are doing so well..

I read somewhere that you might be hindering your dad's grief....I understand that guilt and worry can overtake our minds at times of sheer exhaustion and carrying of own grief...

I wanted to reassure you that ...without any doubt I know that you are not hindering your father in any way...the love and care you are showing him is allowing him to have a far better quality of life..

He chooses himself how...when...if he wants to we all do...we all grieve differently of course...some of us do not grieve at all...

what a relief with the antibiotics...UTI issues can be missed so often which I do not understand in today's medical world...

at least he is back with his humour...such  a saving well as loving his chair...

do keep on looking after you dear are allowed can join the many of us on here who also have to remind ourselves...

take care


winter bulbs.jpgwinter bulbs

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Big wave @Former-Member hope you are doing ok.

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Quick wave @Former-Member how are you going?

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Re: Depression Dementia Dad



U N C O N D I T I O N A L  L O V E

TThings are steady atm thanks Darcy.  Just had OT here and I'm off to counselling apt shortly, alone.  Just have to risk dad on his own.  





Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Thinking of you

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Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Only just found the posts 14thJuly, don't know how I missed them. Thanks SHAZ51, DARCY, OUTLANDER, DEC, FAITH-AND-HOPE, @ADGE, SOPHIA..

@Sophia1 that was lovely what you said about not being in dad's way of grief. I'm here to lighten his load, and mum, where I can, and there's no way they all coped before - let alone now.  I think he's better off. 

Thanks again. xox



Re: Depression Dementia Dad


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