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Re: All Things Sport...

It would be super cool if we could all watch the cricket together too @Scarecrowe Smiley Tongue


Cat is not much of a cricket watcher - not the bat and ball variety anyway - but the 6 legged ones she looooves LOL  Toby will watch whatever I am - as long as he is close by he is happy. 🐶


I am recording the tennis to have on later when the cricket is finished. So very much hoping your Renegades can chlk up a first win - they are well overdue. They need at least another 40 from the lst 3 overs I reckon - then they can defend.




Re: All Things Sport...

That would be very cool to watch cricket together @Zoe7 

I cracked up when you said Cat liked the 6 legged cricket instead, very funny and true.

I am watching the tennis (believe it or not, lol) and I have the cricket on the computer.

Hoping my Renegades can get their first win and to beat the Thunder doing that would be very cool lol.


Re: All Things Sport...

OMG - you watching tennis - I nearly fell off the couch @Scarecrowe lol


Currently watching the cricket and it looks like the Renegades will have a competitive total to defend - 170 not out of the question now.

Re: All Things Sport...

I KNOW watching tennis @Zoe7 @Sherry 

But this is funny tennis so I like things like that...................Smiley Very Happy


Go the Red Renegades lol!!!


The Aussies did well against India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: All Things Sport...

Australia crushed India @Scarecrowe @Sherry I watched until about 1am then went to bed - they had it completely under control then.


A good total to defend - hope your Renegades bowl really well and can get the win.


I like the funny tennis too - puts so many of the players in a different light than the usual super serious games. I will enjoy that later.

Re: All Things Sport...

That catch of Zampa's to dismiss Kohli was brilliant @Zoe7 @Sherry 


You will get a giggle out of the tennis when you watch it.  One of the players is not bad but I have no idea who he is lol

Re: All Things Sport...

I only watched the India Aus ODI last night until the end of the Indian innings. Didnt expect Aus to win that easily .. Without the loss of a wicket, and in only 38 overs I think.

Finch badly needed that century .. had a lean trot lately.

Def going for Renegades over Thunder tonight, but havent told hubby that. @Zoe7 @Scarecrowe 

Still got NBN down here .. pain in the butt. 

Re: All Things Sport...

Thanks for supporting my team @Sherry   

I won't tell you know who lol


Annoying no NBN.  How long has it been down?

Re: All Things Sport...

Thanks @Scarecrowe 😀

NBN down since 8am., and still out. Miss no internet and wifi. Got mobile data, but unreliable and drops out. Down a lot lately .. Maintenance apparently.

Re: All Things Sport...

Wow they are doing lots of maintenace then since 8am.  @Sherry 


NBN has been a problem from the beginning.  When I got it I could not see any difference to when I did not have it........................yes I have an old computer and still on XP since I cannot afford to update but I was told by the NBN man it would not make any difference I would still notice it being faster.................nope I haven't.  Oh well.

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