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Re: Far and Away

Hugs @Sherry

Welcome to my time zone. I understand being here is fraught with challenges and difficulties but sounds like some turning point for bil.

Re: Far and Away

Nice one @Zoe7
Probably helped by your good care I think. Happy to hear this good news Smiley Happy

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope @Maggie @Teej @Sherry @Hamsolo01 Had a sleep - not long enough but it is better than nothing. Won't be going in to see Cat until later this afternoon to give her plenty of time to rest so might get another sleep in before that. Have to go to the chemist too.


My sister has dropped off the cage so that is one less thing to get organised. It is big enough to set Cat up comfortably with her litter tray as well as plenty of room for her blankets and one of her beds.

Re: Far and Away

That is good news @Zoe7, (I'm guessing it's not melignant too) ✔️🙏

Re: Far and Away

good news @Zoe7 it's such a relief. 
@Sherry im reading your post and all I want to do is give you a big hug 🤗 

I am sorry hubby is not coping. You and hubby have so much on your plate at the moment. Pls take care ❤️❤️

Re: Far and Away

@EOR We don't know yet whether is malignant or benign - the biopsy results will not be back until mid to late next week. Then we will go from there with what we need to do ongoing. Going to have another nap before I go in to see her then I can come home, clean the cage and get it set up inside to bring her home to tomorrow. It will be great to have her home but I will feel more comfortable with her staying at the vet's for one more night just to make sure she is okay to come home.

Re: Far and Away

🤗🦋💕 @Zoe7 


👋💜🌷 @Teej 



@Sherry .... ☕️💐


👋🌷😘 @Sans911 


How is the re-planting of the seedlings coming along @EOR ? 🌱🌱🌱💕

Re: Far and Away

@Zoe7  💜💕💜💕💜

Re: Far and Away

Hearts from me too @Zoe7  

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope @Maggie @BlueBay @EOR @Hamsolo01 @Sans911 @Teej @CheerBear @outlander @Appleblossom @Shaz51 @Sherry @Adge @oceangirl @Snowie @Meowmy @Exoplanet @Angels333 @ethand anyone I have missed and all following along...


Been in to see Cat. She is bright as a button, eating, going to the toilet and not in any obvious pain. The nurses have been hand feeding her and giving her pats and cuddles. She has been out of the cage to walk around and apparently been very snuggly with everyone. That is unusual for her as she usually takes 2 to hold her in the vet's. Her vet cannot believe how different she has been but that is what she is like at home with me so whilst I am surprised I probably should not be. At home she has the most beautiful temperament and is snuggly when Toby lets her. The vet cannot also believe how well she has bounced back from the surgery. I could very well have brought her home today but we had already made the decision to pick her up in the morning so I reluctantly left her there. If I had had everything already set up at home for her I ould have taken her today. So tomorrow morning I will have my baby back home and I can't wait. I actually might be able to get some sleep tonight - I certainly need it. Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes, hugs and Heart over the last week. You may not actually get how much it has helped but I can tell you your words and thoughts have done more for me than I can actually put into words myself - so a massive thank you to everyone 💜💙💚🧡💛

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