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Senior Contributor

Hypnotherapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Hi All,


I've had a bit of external pressure to try something new - hypnotherapy. I would like to know if anyone has tried it and what your experiences are? I would appreciate your responses so I have a bit of insight into the topic. Thank you


Re: Hypnotherapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Hi @Aeiou  i haven't tried hypnotherapy but interested to hear from others. Have you tried EMDR. @Former-Member  was explaining it to me yesterday. 

Re: Hypnotherapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Hi @BlueBay 


it would be good if we could both get some info.

I've tried EMDR ages ago, it didn't work for me Smiley Sad

Re: Hypnotherapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse



Gosh i just remember when i was 27 i had hypnotherapy weekly. Im 55 so that was quite expensive. I had huge issues with my mother

This hypnotherapist tried cutting the chord to my mother but that wasnt actually the problem looking back. Thats why it never worked.

She traumatized me many times. I stayed away from her all my life cause everytime i let her back shed hurt me again.

So when i started with the EMDR the therapist got me to write a letter to her. Gosh it was upsetting.

I took it into him & he did EMDR on her & it released heaps


So as i said before if the hypnotherapist is skilled enough to go into the trauma & see if from all angles it might work.


Dont think that first hypnotherapist was very good at all looking back. 


All worth trying tho. do a lot of research before picking one cause its major trauma theyre playing with no matter what the therapy.


U lose your power being thru sexual abuse. Makes u feel worthless unworthy devalued. A lot of trust issues too if its from someone u trusted. 


I met a lady a few yrs ago & she says its still upsetting her & affecting her life & more so cause her mother expects her to forget it & just snap out of it get over it.  She cant tho. 


Im yet to face mine with emdr yet

Re: Hypnotherapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse



I had hypnotherapy for drinking & smoking which helped


Childhood sexual abuse is major trauma tho.


Only drawback is that drinking & smoking r habits formed often from traumas. So going direct to the trauma itself is a bit different.


Whatever therapy its really worth doing the research to find a good experienced therapist especially for major traumas

Re: Hypnotherapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse


My acct is closing tomorrow.

Hope u find a therapy that helps you

Re: Hypnotherapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

I agree with "Former member" that emdr therapy can damage you. I think emdr may be of help to those who had an otherwise peaceful & appropriate childhood & the abuse was external to primary care-givers. My abuse was from the primary care givers, so the abuse was chronic/daily & too much for a therapist to deal with.


I got brief islands of calm after processing one trauma memory with a therapist. Then she fired me because I was too much for her. I protested, "aren't you a trauma specialist? That's how you advertise yourself." and she replied, "yes, but I've never treated anyone with abuse as severe as yours. I can't work with you." I asked her to refer me on to someone who could cope with my trauma history and she never did. She was a wimp, sitting pretty in an ivory tower. My advice to you is work with someone who is very strong and can handle extreme abuse, if that's what is in your history.

Re: Hypnotherapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Hi I have done 10 yeaes of hypno for my mental health issues if you find someone who can help try it. It's not a easy parth and my therapist has recently passed away but I totally reccomed it as a tool to help get ready to deal with any childhood ptsd

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