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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Medical Care in Tasmania

My son an I live in the beautiful Apple Isle.
As beautiful as it is here I have become awear of some major short falls in out mental health system.
These have left my son with some but incomplete care and without formal diagnosis.
He is 16 but too old for the children's system but too young for the adult ststem.
Any suggestions please. We need some direction that doesn't have a road block at the end.
Thank you in advance


Re: Medical Care in Tasmania

Hi @MAMMAFE, we lived in rural Tas for a while and local medical services varied from "very basic" to "generally good", depending on the town. Had to travel 2 hours each way to Launceston for anything major. I presume Hobart is the other alternative. 

Re: Medical Care in Tasmania

When it comes to mental health it is beyond shabby.
I can't find comprehensive care for him which is leaving him in genuine risk.
Incredibly frustrating to say the least.
@patientpatient may I ask where you moved to? I love Tas apart from the aforementioned

Re: Medical Care in Tasmania

Hi @MAMMAFE, My son was on an extended holiday in Tassie when he became ill. Now back home in Vic. He was admitted to Northside, Launceston General Hospital and received good care there. We were told that outpatient services didn't extend to where we were living (NE, about 120km away) and they suggested we move closer. What kind of comprehensive service are you looking for? Someone here might be able to advise. (I'm also a big fan of Tassie.)

Re: Medical Care in Tasmania

It is not just the mental health system that is seriously underfunded in Tassie @MAMMAFE - the whole Health system here is pathetic. Seriously ill people having to wait in corridors for over 24 hours until space can be made 'somewhere' to accommodate a bed for them - or no beds available at all. People being turned away from lack of appropriate resouces/services and ambulances ramping up to 5 or 6 deep - unable to 'offload' patients because there is no room and subsequently ambulances not available when needed to other call-outs. The government tries to say they have been increasing services and decreasing wait times - but try telling that to those that cannot get a bed or cannot get the help they need! I'm sure you know exactly what this is like!

I presume your son has seen a GP @MAMMAFE - if not that is your first port of call. You can also request an appointment with the school Social Worker or School Psychologist - that is usually done through the child's teacher and Principal. Referrals can then be made to outside sources if needed.

This link gives you a little more info that may be of benefit Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services brochure

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