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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Paranoia is killing my life

For the longest time I thought paranoia was normal. Until one day it became to much and I let lose. 

Years later I am in a new relationship and she is getting sick of me thinking she is cheating endlessly.


But the biggest part about this... I love her. But I am starting to feel as though she is just lying. This has been going on for years.

Now she saying she is done... But when you feel like you need someone but hate them for lying it keeps you in a endless circle of fighting with your mind. I mean endless....


How do I stop this. Please someone anyone... Help me. It is 2:04 am. Because I cannot sleep as my brain won't shut up and leave me alone.


Re: Paranoia is killing my life

Thanks for connecting to the forum Tanker. It can be a good place to interact and tap into the experiences and wisdom of the members. You're having a rough night. Things are often quiet here overnight but Im sure people will respond a little later.

NiteKat (overnight moderator)


Re: Paranoia is killing my life

It must be hard to live with paranoia @Tanker


I am not sure i can help that's why i haven't replied. I know that i fear connecting with people. I can only say strategies that have helped for me. I have found listening to eckhart tolle helps ease the mind on the internet. I bought his music and found one song really helps calm the mind. Every night i listen to a body scan meditation to prepare you for sleep on the smiling minds app. If it helps to think about the thought process.


I hope you can find ways that work for you to stop thinking about it. If it helps to talk about it here.

Re: Paranoia is killing my life

I trying it right now. because right now I am having a paranoida attack.
So I need something to help!

Re: Paranoia is killing my life

Hi @Tanker,


The urgent assistant numbers are there if you need it on this webpage.


And you can also do webchat with SANE on top right hand corner to help direct you to the right service or call them.


This may help you find what your after right now. 


I hope it works.

For urgent assistance, call: