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Something’s not right

New Contributor


I met my husband in 2012, we married 2014 and one month later I was diagnosed Bipolar after years of depression and not being able to find a happy ok medium.

Fast forward to today and my marriage is over. 5 years of hell and turmoil has taken it's toll. We separated in January because I made him leave but against my better judgement, we tried again. It's just too hard to work with.

I am currenyly rapid cycling after being stable for a couple of months after a med change. I see my mental health clinician tomorrow morn.

I will be ok. Just needed to tell it to someone. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Separation

Hi @Kelbel75 


Welcome to the forum family - hopefully you can find some support and even on-line friendship here - people are very sensitive and help people whenever we can


I separated from my husband after over 23 years of marriage - 30 years ago this year - I can assure you that things have been much better than before the separation but for a couple of years I found it very hard - and understand what you are saying - 


It must be worse with bipolar - it's necessary to make a new life and that can be hard - 


I do wish you the best with your interview tomorrow and I really hope you can find the easier way of life eventually - it's there - it's not easy to find


All the best - 



Re: Separation

Hi @Kelbel75 , welcome to the forum.  I hope your appointment went well.  I was diagnosed with bipolar a bit of a year ago.  I haven't gone through rapid cycing.  I had a pretty bad manic episode, but, have been pretty stable since.  I am sorry to hear about your troubles, but, its alright to let it all out, hoefully it helps Smiley Happy

Re: Separation

Welcome @Kelbel75, thanks for sharing with us Heart

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