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Guilt and worry over Husband's Involuntary admission

Hi,  last Thursday I was so worried about my partners mood and he had expressed he was sick of the misery and wanted to end it all. I took him to the local ED and that's where our nightmare has Started. We live remote so he was advised there were no specialised services that could help and as they thought he was a danger to himself,  flew him out to the nearest city (over 1000kms away).

We have three young children who are after 5 days are already showing behaviour changes and upset about their Dad been away - he has never gone more than a few nights away from us all . 

This would all book,  bar the fact I can't see anyThing positive In his treatment - he was put in macumen security for 3 nights as there were no beds in other ward,  even though nurses agreed it would be detrimental to him. He was allowed to visit other ward all day but it was still so horrible for him. Treatment did not commence for the first 4 days as he was admitted late on Friday night of the long weekend! 

He hates it in there and wants to come home. I feel so guilty for taking him to get 'help'and ending up in this situation. I am so worried it will make things worse....i know I need to get and have faith in the process. DOea anyone have any good stories about hospital inpatient stays??!! 

Any advice On if I should take kids to see him (very long,  expensive trip but we are missing the hell out of him) 



Re: Guilt and worry over Husband's Involuntary admission

Hi @Digger10, I've had similar experience with my son. At the time he was very upset with me about the involuntary admission. When I took him to ED I had no idea, I thought it would be an overnight stay, a few pills, and then home. Years later he thanks me for taking him there. Assessment and treatment can take weeks or longer. When someone is really unwell, they're better in care than struggling at home. We were "remote" at the time but not as remote as you. Sometimes I'd drive for hours then find that he was asleep and then I'd drive back home. I wouldn't hurry to take the family to visit. Can you make use of technology and video call him (eg Skype)? Try without the kids first.

Re: Guilt and worry over Husband's Involuntary admission

Welcome to the forum @Digger10 and thanks for sharing your current experience. We're sorry to hear the tough time that you and your family are going through right now, it can all be a daunting and overwhelming experience. @patientpatient gives some great advice, is it possible to conduct a nightly video call to the kids?  

Re: Guilt and worry over Husband's Involuntary admission

How are you going @Digger10 

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