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Looking after ourselves

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

yeah not looking forward to moving but dont want to stay re me and here, will have to sell everything, big clean up etc I dunno too many variables/ponderables at the moment but something has to be done. yeah prob feel better after dentist friday and if can get something at drs to clear sinuses/loosen up crap in lungs @EOR funny I just went to shops, ok its warm, but car park and cars well, stank, smelled like an old train lol so something must be happening lol re not smoking 

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Hey @TAB  you're doing so well staying off the cigs.  Stay strong.  

Hope you are able to work out pros and cons of staying/moving clearly soon.  Good to hear your father has your back even if you don't decide to live with him.  Could it be a temporary thing while you decide where you want to be?  And save up to get into the next place of your own.  

Also hope you are finding a way of rewarding yourself for your achievement with the cigs.  Congratulations.

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Wow, Thanks @eth ok its day 10 today. Decision should be easy yet its not. Will reply better after more sleep couldn’t sleep much last night

Re: Ditching the Ciggers







@TAB Smiley Happy


Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Pretty much @EOR and thanks. I got a call for bout 3 days work starting tomorrow so thats going to be a test, if they hadnt rung would have held off for couple more weeks Anyways .. @eth @Former-Member @Teej 

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Way to go @TABby cat 😺

I hope the work is ok and you keep going. You’ve got this! 

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Well it will just have to be thanks @Teej 😸

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Day 11 ..and going to work , so new triggers re old routines I slept really well, maybe leaving patch on can be a goo d idea? prob supposed to. Well I hadnt been doing that. 

Anyway. Cancelled appointments and getting gas bottle delivered today so worried that it will get pinched while at work bla ..anyhoo really just want to go back to sleep, oh well. Think will be doing my own thing and also leaving as early as possible today. No interest whatsoever @Teej@EOR@eth@Former-Member@Zoe7

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

If you get through today at work then that will be a great achievement @TAB 11 days is a great effort already so hoping you get through today okay also. Let us know how it goes Mr. Tabby Cat Cat Happy

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

@TAB hoping today goes much better than you imagine and is problem-free.  Well done re day 11 off the cigs!!

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